Digital Recipe Book “Plum & Plum Vinegar Recipes” is available at Kindle!

Ume fruits, Japanese apricots, have its unique refreshing flavor and sour taste.  Speaking of a word, “ume,” or “ume-boshi,” many people tend to imagine sour pickles.  But in this recipe book, you will find many different ways to use ume in regular dishes. 

Ume fruits can be enjoyed in forms of not only pickles, but also alcohol beverages, syrups, or jams. Ume fruits serve as a secret ingredient in cooking.  Ume fruits can soften the fleshes of meat or fish as well as eliminate the characteristic odors of them.

Taste of ume fruits makes good marinated dishes and salad. Japanese people know that ume matches with steamed rice very well. You can even find many different kinds of sweets and snacks using ume fruits. The sweet and sour taste of ume fruits desserts are very popular.  

If you have been interested in Japanese dishes, this is such a good opportunity to try!  The recipes in this book are introduced in such simple procedures!


Digital E-book is available at Amason.♪