About Japanese food in the UK

Japanese food is very popular in the UK now. When you go to London, you can see a lot of Japanese restaurants (or sushi restaurants). One reason is British people think Japanese food is very healthy.

Popular English food is a ‘one-plate’ dish. For example ” Fish and chips” . It has fish, chips, and mushy peas. Other typical meals consist of meat or fish, vegetables and potatoes on the dish. On such one-plate meals there can be a lot of food so people say English food is very heavy.The dish is about 27cm across. The fish is almost 20cm long, with chips and mushy peas also on the plate.

However, Japanese food has small dishes for each meal; sushi can be a little amount of food, so you can eat a good balance of food which people say is healthy food. Sushi is about 500 calories, and fish and chips is about 1000 calories.

In the UK you can eat sushi at a restaurant or order it as a takeaway. In the restaurant the price can be about £15 (2325yen), and takeaway sushi is about £8 (1240yen).
On the other hand, you can eat traditional ‘pub’ food in the UK . A popular meal is fish and chips, which costs about £8 (1240yen) in the pub. As you can see, sushi is more expensive than fish and chips and is still regarded as a luxury meal by many.

More and more, Japanese food is becoming a prominent part of British life: in cafés, restaurants and supermarkets.