10 Day Cleansing Diet


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Also referred to as detox diets, cleansing diets are often promoted as easy methods of ridding the body of toxins and chemicals. Some cleansing diets will require you to consume natural food products, while others may require you to consume only a liquid diet. Cleansing diets may also assist with weight loss by ridding your body of substances that contribute to weight gain and jumpstarting weight loss. While the Master Cleanse Diet has become popular over the years, other 10 day cleansing diets have become popular as well and may come in a variety of forms.

Cleansing Diet Types

Cleansing diets may be in liquid or solid food form, though all will restrict your diet significantly. The popular Master Cleanse Diet, for example, requires you to consume a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and distilled water only for as long as your cleanse lasts. Others, like the liver cleansing diet, only allow you to eat fruits and vegetables. However, CBS News reports that cleansing diets that incorporate food into your diet are healthiest. Such diets may also be easier to sustain for the entire 10-day period.

Cleansing Diet Considerations

While some diets are more popular than others, there is no standard cleansing diet. The diet that you choose will depend on your lifestyle and overall eating habits. For example, determining whether a specific cleansing diet fits into your budget or is something you can maintain for 10 days will help you to make this decision. Furthermore, some cleansing diets may require that you to purchase a minimal amount of ingredients that will last the entire 10 day period. Others, like raw food diets may require you to purchase fresh vegetables more than once during your 10-day cleanse. You may also consider the amount of preparation required for the cleansing diet of your choice. Fruits and vegetables, for example, may require light preparation for transport to school or work.

Cleansing Diet Challenges

While cleansing diets may be an effective means of losing weight or getting on track to eating healthier, these diets come with a special set of challenges. CBS News reports that many people lose weight quickly on cleansing diets, though it may be difficult to maintain any weight loss. Your body may also suffer depreivation of the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs during your 10-day cleansing diet, so you may consider incorporating supplements into your daily diet.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid While Detoxing

A number of foods need to be avoided while on any cleansing diet. EveryDiet states that you cannot consume meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine while on your cleanse. Whole Living highlights that you can substitute these food products with gluten-free grains and dairy such as rice and almond milk. If you crave hot drinks, decaffeinated teas with natural sweeteners may also be an appropriate substitute during your cleanse.

Side Effects

The Mayo Clinic notes that some people report gaining energy while on a cleansing diet, while others complain of fatigue. Additional complications of a cleansing diet may include dehydration, dizziness and nausea. To prevent severe side effects, pay attention to your body’s reaction to the cleanse and cease if the problems do not subside. As with any diet, consult with your doctor before beginning a cleansing diet to reduce your risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

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