~ Delinquency is caused by food. ~ ① Hypoglycemia makes you irritated and aggressive.

We tend to lose our temper somehow or become restless when we are hungry.  Quite a few people may have experienced that a small bite of food could settle down such irritation.

What causes you to get irritated is your blood-sugar level.  When you take food including a lot of sugar, the sugar instantly gets absorbed in the upper part of the small intestine and turns into glucose.  But it is so quick for sugar to be absorbed, so the blood-sugar level also shoots up.  This stimulates insulin to secrete, which aims to drop down the blood-sugar level.  Now the blood-sugar level drops down quickly as well so as to get lower than that of before eating sweets.  This state is referred as hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia makes a physically and mentally unpleasant state for people.  Some people may feel dizzy, cold sweat, or irritated.  Some may have heavy heart beat or lose concentration.  All such symptoms prevent us from effective activities at work and school.  When having hypoglycemia, we are apt to take a shortcut to bring up our blood-sugar level by eating sweets or drinking soft drink because we want to get out of the unpleasant state as soon as possible.  This is truly helpful to escape from hypoglycemia into high blood-sugar level.

But even if the blood-sugar level is back up again, as I stated earlier, it will go back down again even more quickly.  In another words, it is like a swing of the pendulum between hypoglycemia and high blood-sugar level.  As it repeats, continuously secreting abnormal amount of insulin, it shall result in a typical adult disease, diabetes. Also, abnormal secreted insulin urges to secrete too much adrenalin at the same time.  Adrenalin is a hormone which makes people become aggressive.  Adrenalin is the key factor to make us feel irritated or truculent easily and to lead us to shortsighted judgments based on which we are more likely to blame on others without accepting our own faults.

Too much adrenalin may cause serious problems with young people as more and more cases of school or domestic violence have been reported.  Some young people with abnormal amount of adrenalin get irritated so easily that they become violent by just a few words of warning.  In fact, there is a survey data indicating that delinquent children drink twice as much of soft drink as other children.  It is quite certain that hypoglycemia has something to do with delinquency.

In addition, when the blood-sugar level rapidly drops down, consumption of air in the brain also drops down.  Under such a condition, if you ever take insulin medication by mistake, you will more likely to have rapid decrease of respiration rate which can lead you into a coma.

If you have diabetes, either the blood-sugar level may rise double or it suddenly drops down unexpectedly.  In a low blood-sugar level state, our mind easily becomes unstable.  For example, we may suffer from an obsession or delusion.  We will have cold sweat often.  Such unstable mental states have high possibilities to lead us to cause traffic accidents or commit serious crime.  According to the data compiled by Ohio State Chief Probation Officer Lead, most of 106 inmates were found to have a record of abnormal blood-sugar level.

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