Germinating Brown Rice, Effective Detox Diet!

a1Have you ever heard of “Germinating Brown Rice?”  Recently, Germinating Brown Rice has been in the spotlight as a healthy and an effective diet method.  Health benefits of germinating brown rice have been pointed out in many TV shows and magazines.  Also many famous actresses and fashion models introduce germinating brown rice in their web sites and blogs. So, many of you may have already heard of it or even have tried it.

What is germinating brown rice?  What makes it different from a regular brown rice?  Well, germinating brown rice is nothing but a regular steamed brown rice; except, it needs to be kept warm in a rice cooker for 3 days before being served for meals.  Being kept warm for that long time makes brown rice germinate, which eventually activates the enzymes that brown rice contain.  For that reason, germinating brown rice is also called “Enzyme Brown Rice” and it has gained lots of attention because of the functions of the enzymes.

One of the enzymes that germinating brown rice contains is GABA, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid.  GABA is one kind of natural amino acid that exists in plants, animals, and our human bodies.  GABA is found to be effective in preventing from being high blood pressure.  It can also control levels of cholesterol and neutral fat in blood, with which diabetes preventing effect is expected.  GABA also boosts our basal metabolism transforming our physical constitution more likely to lose weight.  Besides enzymes, brown rice are rich in fibers, the intestine purifiers, and many other nutrients. 

Brown rice also contains a substance called phytic acid.  This substance has powerful detoxication action and which is believed to be a bird-resistant feature that grains naturally possess.  Phytic acid was considered to bond with vitamins and minerals and leach out of our body.  But studies have found out that phytic acid has a significant impact on disease prevention.  It is high in antioxidants that suppress the growth of active oxygen causing cancers, arterioscierosis, or other serious diseases.  Detox function of phytic acid is also capable of inhibiting generation and breeding of cancer cells.  

In addition to its nutritional benefits, germinating brown rice, being kept warm, has distinct, but pleasant soft and chewy texture that you would not expect from the regular brown rice.  The stiff and dry texture of the regular brown rice is what causes some people not want to eat.  But you don’t have to worry about that with germinating brown rice.  You can tell by looking at the grains how they change day by day.

Although I said germinating brown rice is soft, chewing thoroughly is still required.  Some people may have constipations or diarrheas after eating brown rice.  Oftentimes, it is because the rice is not cooked soft enough (leading to stiff and dry texture).  This unfavorable texture can cause one to chew less, resulting in having dyspepsia.  With germinating brown rice, this will not be a major problem, but as it is widely recommended, we should take time when we eat.  The more you chew, the sweeter you’ll notice the germinating brown rice is.  The action of chewing stimulates the brain in the area where we sense fullness.  This is such a helpful tip to stop overeating.

Brown rice obviously contains much more nutrients than white rice, but did you know the intake calories in both brown and white rice are the same?  Rice, the carbohydrates are believed to be high in calories, which make us fat (in fact, some people like non-carbo diets.), but intake calories do not solely determines whether we will gain weight or not.  Rather, it depends on the fact whether we can metabolize the intake calories or not.  Proper metabolism function requires vitamins, minerals, fibers, and enzymes, with which brown rice is filled, but not white rice.  

a2Both white and brown rice are the energy source of human activities.  They generate heat to warm up our body to pump up our metabolism.  On the contrary, if you excessively decrease the amount of carbohydrate from your daily meals, you may be able to lose weight, but you would also end up in lacking energy in your body, leading to poor metabolism.  This shall result in rising the body fat rate.  To lead a healthy life, I recommend that you don’t exclude carbohydrate from your diet; why don’t you try for highly nutritious germinating brown rice that you may find lots of benefits of health and beauty.