How to cook germinating brown rice


4 cups, brown rice

50g, azuki beans (small reddish brown beans)

1 tsp, salt

*Salt neutralizes potassium contained in brown rice and softens the hull.
*Azuki beans contain polyphenol, effective in cell aging prevention.

Measure the rice and azuki beans into a big bowl and fill with water.  Stir the rice a few times and drain.  Change water.  Use a whisk and stir the rice and beans.  Using a whisk can leave some scratches onto the hull of rice and skin of the beans to allow water to be absorbed well without smashing the grains.

Whisk for a few minutes until water becomes cloudy.  Change water for a few times.

After rinsing, place the rice and beans in a rice cooker, add water to the appropriate graduated mark.  Add salt.  Soak the rice and beans for 3 to 5 hours at least, preferably for 8 hours if possible

If your rice cooker has a special cooking mode for brown rice, use it.  If not,, you can still cook it in a regular mode.  When it’s done cooking, stir up the rice from the bottom to break up clumps and release excess steam.

Once it’s done with cooking mode, your rice cooker will shift to the warming mode.  So do not turn off the rice cooker, but keep it on for the next 3 days.  Stir the rice upside down at least once a day.  

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Compared to the typical white rice, cooking germinating brown rice takes longer time and requires preparations.  Brown rice and azuki beans cost relatively more than white rice.  The biggest disadvantage of cooking germinating brown rice, as you may be noticing by now, is that you cannot use the rice cooker for three days.  In another words, keeping brown rice in a rice cooker on a warm mode for 72 hours is costly.        

But still, I need to emphasize that once you taste the properly cooked germinating brown rice, you will fall in love with it.

After I clean up my kitchen after dinner, I usually prepare for the rice and beans.  I let them soak until the next morning.  I turn on the rice cooker before leaving for work.  Once I get home, I stir up the rice.  I repeat this for 2 days and on the third night, I serve the germinating brown rice for dinner.  I save the remaining rice in containers of sized for one-serving for the next three days until the next germinating brown rice is ready.

Here is my report on the effects after eating germinating brown rice.  In my case, I’ve taken one rice bowl of germinating brown rice for lunch and a half bowl for dinner for two weeks.  First of all, I noticed that my bowels act better.  It was very clear.  Also, I noticed that I don’t feel hungry between meals.  I used to eat cookies or candies during my work before lunch, but my appetite is much less.  Lastly, I feel that I can fall asleep and get up better.

My husband has been eating germinating brown rice for dinner for two weeks and he told me that he feels lively.  He used to be a big and fast eater.  He also has a sweet tongue and would eat some kind of sweets or a bag of potato chips even being full after dinner.  (He would make an excuse that it was because of being stressed out.)  But since we started eating germinating brown rice at least once a day, he stopped such unhealthy diets.

Neither my husband nor I disliked the taste of the regular brown rice; in fact, we did try having brown rice as our staple food.  But it didn’t last long because we, or I should say I didn’t find it worth spending so much time in preparing and money on buying the rice for that taste.  But now as both my husband and I have found it so good, I cannot help but devote myself for this healthy food.

We prefer the rice and beans ratio with less azuki beans than the recipe.
So we measure 3 cups of brown rice into a rinsing bowl first.  
Then fill 1/4 of the fourth cup with beans.
4 cups of water is still good for this ratio!